6 Top Tips to Hosting a Girl’s Trip or Getaway in 2021!

Girl Trips and Getaways are amazing, especially when they are planned and hosted property. Everyone has that one person in their group that takes the lead to ensure the logistics of the trip run smoothly. There is a skill to this, etiquette, and rules to guarantee that not only the trip is a success, but the host is remembered and valued for all the effort that went into planning the best vacation!

#1 Room Selections

Who gets the best room on a trip? The host of course! But how should the other rooms be determined? Well, that is strictly up to you, but here are a few ideas! Consider doing a competition, it can be an athletic challenge, creative challenge, or something as simple as paper, scissors, rock. Reenact your favorite Housewives show and go crazy running to the rooms first come first served style, you have complete creative control. One thing I would recommend is to gauge the emotional state of your guest, if someone has recently got a promotion, or worst recently got a divorce reward them with the next best room, everyone would support with your decision. Your goal here is to trade off square footage for amenities and make everyone think that they have won in some aspect.

#2. Welcome Drinks

Whether it is a cocktail, mocktail, or high tea drinks are crucial when hosting a girl’s trip. Ideally, you should plan to arrive a little early, or make arrangements to have drinks already prepared so that your guests are greeted with their drinks upon arrival. Aesthetics is everything when it comes to this step, it is not really about the drink itself, more importantly how the drink looks when it is received. You can choose something as simple as champagne with a strawberry on the rim of the glass or go all out with a signature drink, this small gesture goes a long way with your guest.

#3. Dinner

The importance of cuisine vs. the importance of ambience is a battle that can be debated on any girl’s trip. Some people care about Instagram worthy establishments where the sole purpose is to show off themselves and the location, while others want to experience new and authentic recipes that they can talk about forever. Best case scenario you find the best of both worlds. Just in case you cannot, or you really will not know until you actually get there, I recommend you create a theme for dinner. The best part of going to dinner is getting ready! Whether it is little black dress theme, Hampton’s All White Party theme, or Neon Color Theme, provide them with direction, something to look forward to, and a great playlist on deck while everyone is getting prepared.

#4. Matching PJ’s

What’s a girl’s night without matching pajamas? This is a must! Whether you purchase them yourself or ask your guest to purchase ahead of time this tip brings comradery to a girl’s trip. Ensure that you choose something that is flattering to all shapes and sizes so that none of your guest feel uncomfortable, and if you want to play it safe you can do bath robes. Regardless of what you choose, this will heighten the excitement of your trip and provide plenty of photo opportunities that everyone will love.

#5. Resting

This is probably the most important tip! Do not, and I repeat do not fill every second of the day with an activity. When going on a girl’s trip, most people are leaving their husbands, children, or busy workday. It is okay to carve out idol relaxation time where you have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing. Coming back home from a vacation well rested will be the determining factor of how well your guest enjoyed their trip.

#6. Swag Bags

Is this necessary? No. But will you hold the title of best hostess if you provide a little gift and token of your appreciation? Absolutely! If your love language is gifts, this tip is a no brainer. Hostess who has the love language of gifts see this as a mutual benefit. #1. Your guest agreed to arrange their schedules, take PTO time, leave their families, and commit their time to you, they will appreciate this kind gesture. #2. It just feels good to give! To see the reaction on your girl’s faces and feel appreciated that you thought of everything is priceless. I would recommend that if you choose to provide a gift, repurpose this tip and make sure it is something they can utilize on the trip.

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