10 Tips to WOW Your Women on Valentine’s Day with a $100 Budget!

With the current state of our country things are a little different. Us being in a global pandemic, loss of jobs, and the economy tanking most men would use this as an excuse to not prioritize Valentine’s Day. I beg to differ; this is an opportunity to love on your mate the most. We have learned quite a few lessons during this unprecedented time; the obvious life is short, you have realized who your real friends and love ones are, and my personal favorite, it’s not about the money but it is more about the experience and the effort. When it comes to effort… more is more. So, to mitigate a lot of hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and fights here are 10 tips to Wow your women on Valentine’s day with a $100 budget.


  1. Rent out the entire movie theater. AMC now has an option where you can rent out the entire auditorium and host a personal movie screening starting at $99 +tax. What a romantic gesture for just the two of you, and if you are really on a budget, the rental can include up to 20 guests so you can grab some other couples, make it a group date, and split the cost.

2. Go Clubbing. Create a VIP club experience from the comforts of your living room. This is where the effort comes in. You must purchase strobe lights, amazon has a 2 pack of sound activated party lights with remote control DJ lighting for $23.99. Create the mood by asking your spouse to put on their sexiest club outfit, turn off all the lights in the house, pop on the strobe lights, and blast your favorite era music all night long. Since you are already on amazon, and you want to create a VIP experience, purchase LED Bottle Service Sparklers for your partners drink of choice. Do not forget to have small bites and remember touching is allowed in this VIP room.

3. Have a Spa Date, not just any spa date but the ultimate spa date. First and foremost, you must purchase bath robes for both of you which are $29.99 each. It just makes it seem much more authentic and makes a great Instagram post.  Run her a hot bath with bubbles and rose peddles, purchase a good reasonable brand of massage oil, and give your partner a massage. For extra effort I would add soft music playing in the background. Pro Tip: watch massage videos on YouTube and learn some good techniques.

4. Create a WoW Factor. If you do not have time to do any of the other ideas listed above to create a great experience and you need a last-minute idea, here it is. Go to Dollar tree, find as many White Tealight Candles that you can find. They come in a 20 pack, but you need at least 100 candles or more to create a wow factor. While you are there grab a few bags of flower petals and place both the candles and the petals all over the house. EVERYWHERE, leave no spot untouched. This is the least expensive idea that requires the most effort. This is the epitome of “it’s the thought that counts” plus it makes a great Facebook and IG story.


5. Purchase the gift that keeps on giving, lingerie. Head over to  Savage X Fenty buy your girl a few selections and make her feel like the beautify sexy queen that she is. Suggest that she owns the runway by modeling off her new gifts, become her photography (with her own phone) and hype her up. If her love language is words of affirmation, it is your job to compliment her all night.

6. Flowers, but now just any flowers you must purchase  Venus ET Fleur flowers. Venus ET Fleur are sophisticated classy Parisian-style hat boxes with real flowers that last a year. They have packages for all budget and bonus they are available on Afterpay to allow you to spring for the more expensive flowers and break the cost up and 4 equal payments.  


7. Hire a Personal Chef. How romantic is it to ask your women to dress up for dinner and when she comes down, there is a chef in her kitchen preparing the meal? Course after course she is receiving delicious bites from her table that has been turned into a fancy restaurant. If you think this is out of your price range then you haven’t done your research, head over to thumbtack.com to discover several chefs in your area with amazing ratings that ranges from $35-$75 a person.  

8. Breakfast in Bed. This is strictly about the aesthetics. Whether you make pancakes and eggs in your kitchen or door dash Denny’s the point of this wow factor is to look visually appealing. Purchase a nice serving tray they have nice acacia wood serving trays with handles on amazon for $14.95. Plate the breakfast with some fruit to fill the plate. Remember breakfast is not breakfast without a mimosa to top it off, buy a bottle of champagne, orange juice, and don’t forget the strawberry on top.

9. Picnic Lunch, this is a simple gesture that does not get enough credit. Whether its in your living room, outdoors, or in the park a picnic lunch still works in the romantic book if you put the necessary effort in. Rule #1 you must get a picnic basket which can cost about $49.99 on amazon but it comes with all the necessary essentials like stainless still cutlery, plates, wine glasses, napkins, and bottle opener. Grab a bottle of wine, sandwiches, and chips from the deli. Add a good conversation and awesome playlist and you have the perfect date.

10. Wine Tasting. Here is another last-minute idea that takes little prep time. Stop at your local grocery store grab a few bottles of wine and a cheese tray and create the ultimate wine tasting experience. Pro Tip: go on YouTube research some facts about wine and pretend that you are a sommelier that’s trained and specialized in wine and food pairing. The effort of your commentary and knowledge would go along way.

Now go be romantic and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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